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Feedlot Services


Bell Veterinary Services in partnership with PAC USA provides tailored consultancy services for producers in the beef industry seeking the reputation and knowledge of an industry leader.

Understanding that goals and challenges vary within the industry, ensures that services are developed to meet the specific requirements of the individual operation. Services are offered for all sized operations from small feedlots, backgrounding producers to multi-national and fully integrated producers.

empowering caregivers,increase animal wellbeing, production effiicencies

Monitoring, training, reporting, design, advice


Herd Health & Welfare Monitoring

Regular feedlot visits

Health & Welfare Management Plans

Developing management strategies and cattle health and welfare treatment protocols to achieve animal production goals.

Reporting & Analysis

Evaluation of health performance through data analysis

Innovative Technologies

Providing access to the latest technological advances

International Research

Access to international research and opportunity to participate in industry leading projects

Product Advice

Vaccines, medication and implants

Staff Training

Empowering caregivers through

  • Improving the understanding of cattle/caregiver interaction
  • Improving cattle handling skills and the process of acclimation
  • Developing pen riding and diagnostic skills
  • Improving health assessment and treatment techniques
Facility Design

Developing innovative feedlot infrastructure design which not only improves cattle handling but also benefits the wellbeing of cattle and caregivers alike

Autogenous Vaccine

Tailor made vaccines where no commercial option may exist