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Beef Cow & Calf

Beef Cow & Calf

Bell Veterinary Services provides consultancy services to cow/calf producers throughout Queensland.

Our consultancy programs are designed to meet the specific goals of the individual producer and offer a wide range of services and products.

Fertility, husbandry and nutrition advice

Fertility Testing

  • Pregnancy Testing: Ultrasound technology
  • Foetal Ageing: Certified ACV test with tags
  • Bull Testing
    • Certified BBSE testing
    • General physical examination
    • Crush side semen assessment
  • Morphology
  • AI Programs: Fixed time insemination or to observed heat
  • Fertility advice


  • Herd health and vaccination programs
  • Heifer development
  • BVD testing
  • Cattle handling training
  • Yard weaning
  • Exercise pairing
  • Cell grazing and fenceless grazing
  • Surgical dehorning
  • Obstetrics

Nutrition and Trace Mineral Advice