Bell Veterinary Services
Dairy - Bell Vet Services Queensland, herd health, reproduction, evaluation, nutrition
Bell Vet Services - Dairy: providing consultancy services to dairy producers in South East Queensland


Bell Veterinary Services provides consultancy services to dairy producers in South East Queensland. Our consultancy programs are designed to meet the specific goals of the individual producer and offer a wide range of services and products.


  • Herd Health
    • Regular property visits.
    • Individual animal diagnostic treatment and care
    • Mastitis prevention programs
    • Calf rearing
    • Heifer replacement
    • Lameness diagnosis and hoof trimming
    • Obstetrics
  • Herd Health Management Plans
    • Developing treatment protocols and strategies to achieve production aims.
  • Animal Reproduction
    • Pregnancy testing
    • Foetal ageing for drying off
    • Heifer development advice
    • Bull testing
  • Staff Training:
    • Improving handling skills
    • Developing diagnostic identification skills
    • Improving health assessment and treatment techniques
  • Reporting and Analysis
    • Evaluation of dairy health and performance.
  • 24 hr on Call Services for Emergency
  • Dairy Nutrition
    • Transition cows and lactation